Divorce Law Firms Onboarding Process

Feel that your current paperwork to computer system wastes time?

Onboarding systems are a simple as a secure web form tied to a database or directly to yours so your new client is setup on your system fast.

 With every major decision like divorce, there is probably an hour or two you must spend initially informing the spouse and having them fill out paperwork. Regardless of divorce law firm size, save the trouble by having an onboarding system. You will video capture your initial lecture you give all clients. This ensures you deliver what the spouse needs to know without interruptions and deliver all necessary paperwork via interactive PDF or webforms so the new clients info is completely setup in your system.

Video introductions to your firm, paralegal services, lawyers, and more will save time and money so you are working on cases. The ABA knows you love to do your work but not the minutiae that goes with it.