Divorce Law Marketing

How do top divorce lawyers get divorce clients?

We have made it possible for you to see what your biggest competitors are using to bring clients through the door via divorce lawyer marketing .

We have access to the exact strategy top divorce and family lawyers are using every day via divorce law marketing .


Where top divorce lawyers are advertising to get divorce clients.

How much they spend each month to acquire those clients.

What ad copy successful divorce lawyers created in their ads to make prospects jump from their search and social media to them.

What specialized but succinct landing pages your biggest competitors are sending distraught spouses to that work 10x better than the jumble of information on most divorce law firm websites.

With these strategies, every minute of every day, your competition is getting another client for their firm.

Through research we have found what your competition is doing. I am going to share some of that information with you.


Picture a divorce attorney, just like you, who is looking to get divorce clients and every single day the phone rings with someone asking for help with their divorce. In fact, the phone rings many times per day.

This divorce attorney has complete control over how many clients they get and how fast they get them.

Their income is predictable and stable.

How they do this?

Easily. They spend money on targeted advertising.

The busiest divorce law firms have tested all the types of ads you can think of in the online and blind media divorce space.

They know that if someone clicks to their webpage there is a very good chance they will turn into an inbound call from an eager prospect because they lead them down a funnel that in the least brings in a lead and in the most, new clients.

Every single dollar they spend on advertising has an ROI of 3x to 10x because their ads are finding their perfect client, the exact ones they want.

Advertising that brings you a return on investment is the ONLY advertising you should be interested in. The rest is a waste of time.

Contrary to common beliefs, that is actually what advertising should do for divorce lawyers up and down the country. The problem is, nobody knows what they are doing.

Marketing firms are tripping over each other to try and figure it out. 

However, by knowing what and where the most successful divorce attorney ads are , which keywords they are targeting, their landing pages, and how much they are spending, gives us a very good starting point when it comes to an ad campaign for you.

And trust me, this is different from anything you’ve ever seen.

Keep reading and it’ll all make sense.

So where are divorce law attorneys and lawyers advertising?

Google and Facebook.

While most people don't have a clue what to do with Google Ads, there are divorce attorneys making a ton of money with them. Right now as you read this, there are married spouses at the breaking point clicking at ads your competition's marketing company has created to lead them to the divorce attorney who paid for them.

Why does this work so easily?

The reason it works so well is because your target market is easily defined in Google.

For example:

You are a divorce lawyer and you are looking for cases.

Your prospect is a spouse who wants a divorce.

The spouse goes to their smartphone, tablet, Alexa, or computer and tells Google they are looking for a divorce attorney in their area.

That's pretty simple targeting right there. I would guess that half the divorce attorneys advertising anywhere else online right now are losing cash hand over fist when you see divorce lawyers trying to build firms spending money to the tune of $100,000 to $1,000,000 per month on tv and radio advertising.

According to an ABA article published on April 1, 2017, Legal advertising has blown past the $1 billion amount.

I will help you stop guessing what it will cost you right now.

Some of the biggest divorce law firms spend:

PhoenixDivorceLawyerAZ.com spends $25,000/month

DivorceLawFirms.com spends $35,000/month

CordellCordell.com spends $70,000/month

Don't let these figures haunt you. I did say the biggest divorce law firms billing millions of dollars per year.

You don't want to figure this all out yourself though, you simply want to duplicate their campaign structure. They have done all the testing, made all the mistakes, and laid the groundwork for you.

For example, combined, these guys run ads on 9,848 keywords in Google, however, and this is important, within their huge budgets a lot of those keywords will be wasted ad spend.


Because they are constantly testing new keywords, landing pages, and ads.

Their big budgets allow them to do that.

In some cases their advertising team may even become complacent and run some ads that aren’t working. You and I don’t want to fall into that trap because it means that these firms are not being audited by the firms who hire them and if the ROI is great who is going to know. Regardless of the reasons behind such huge dollars are spent, you and your divorce law firm do not want to waste money that doesn't exist yet. 

So, instead of blindly copying all three firms, we will overlap their bidding strategies.

When you compare all of the keywords that each big spender in the divorce law space, they all use 3oo common key phrases. If they all do it then those key phrases must be good because they are making money from them.

These keywords are called Divorce Lawyer's Base Strategy Keywords 

300 keywords is a good list and to start we will narrow it down more. Only the ones that work in your local demographic will do.


If you would like divorce-law-marketing.com to run your entire online ad campaign, email marketing campaign or both, call 603-860-3331.


Now we find out which ads work best!

Now that we have done some research into what works we don't have to guess.

Let's break down this process even further. Let's say you are a divorce lawyer who has thousands of highly targeted keywords. It is time we put some ads in front of them.

We have some ads the big guns are running and we know which ones work the best. 

For example:

 top Arizona divorce attorney’

Ready for all these people looking to you for help?

Ready for all these people looking to you for help?

You can see on the right how the searched phrase matches the headline. ==>

Now you want to be smarter than the average advertiser. This company, PhoenixDivorceLawyerAZ.com was so specific.

Instead of the names of the firms, to get in the face of your new client you have headlines like:

  1. Memphis Divorce Attorney
  2. Best Divorce Lawyer Pittsburg
  3. Getting Divorced in Myrtle Beach

Do you see the pattern?

  • Every ad is incredibly specific
  • It speaks about their problem not you. They don't care about you yet.

Google allows you to know what someone is thinking because of how they type their wants, needs, and desires into the search bar.

Other thought are:

  1. What custody options do I have in New Hampshire
  2. If I divorce my husband, will I be taken cared of
  3. My wife cheated what can I do
  4. I need the best divorce lawyer in Concord
  5. What are the most important question I need to ask a divorce lawyer 
  6. (This one item will give you a lead even if they are only looking for a few answers)

There are many more but if your ad and your content line up  to the possible thoughts going through a spouse's mind when they have had enough, they are going to find an choose you. 

Bonus section: Satisfying the need for answers now. (5 & 6 above)

In addition to pattern ads and emotional ads, are the ones we create for you in social media from your firm's page that capture the interest of those riding the fence about divorce. They want to do it but are clearly uninformed.

Ads like:

  1. Free Report on the Top 10 things you must ask a divorce lawyer before your spouse does.
  2. Top 10 things you must know if you are getting divorced and want custody of your children
  3. Special Report about the 10 things you must know about getting divorced in NH

These are the ways to get prospects when they are unable to call or it is late and know they don't want to talk to the answering service but will exchange their name, phone, and email for your free report. I will explain how they are delivered below.

So far we have covered a lot but I am going to reveal much more.  At anytime you can jump on a call with Bill at 603-860-3331 or email me at  writchotte@gmail.com

The ads we have talked about turn visitors into phone calls using the following webpage template and registered pre-Clients using landing page funnels.  I will explain each below. 

So far we have only done some research and figured out a plan for implementing the campaign.  Now we need to kick it up a notch. Here I will focus on my own skills and expertise.


This template works well for bringing in divorce cases, because it covers everything the ad needs. This is a basic version and what we build for our clients will be more advanced.

  1. Problem focused headline: This is the headline that tells the prospect that they are in the right place. Notice that it immediately talks about the specific problem they have.
  2. Elaborate on the solution to the problem: This goes directly below the headline. It talks about the solution to their big problem. In every instance, the solution to their problem is YOU, the attorney.
  3. Know what to do to solve their problem: To solve their problem of wanting you right now, regardless of ad or time, we are going to create a landing page that is not your website but tied to your firm's domain. This landing page has just your firm's logo, the phone number and the offer for the free report(s) I mentioned above. If they want to call you, the number is large and obvious, if they want the information, they have to exchange their contact info. The  reason why a two or three step series of landing pages is important is that the spouse wants only the information they want to see. Just a taste of what they need. If they were sent directly to your website, it would be information overload and they would move on if it wasn't right there. 
  4. Scarcity: This helps people to take action faster. It lets the visitor know that there is only one surefire way to get the best possible outcome. And that is to act quickly and be prepared. The quicker they act the more likely they are to come out on top. Of course we are talking about being ahead of their spouse but it can refer to the free report to be ahead of their spouse. 
  5. Final solution section: This section tells the visitor that the quickest and easiest way to solve their specific problem is to get in touch with you. It is the final call to action and plays on their desire to get things under control again. This is the second page in that series of landing pages. They will get here only if they didn't call and took the information exchange. There will be a download link and at this point reading your info. With this thank you page the phone number is displayed asking to call now or a message can be conveyed in video by you if you have an in depth onboarding process to sell. For example, if a new client undergoes a meeting with you about all they need to know and do plus a lot of paperwork, why not make a video and online client window that will make your life easier plus can be sold at a discount. This is no different than a university selling their pre-recorded lectures.
  6. Double call to action: This gives the visitor two choices. Either they can call, or they should buy and fill out the online onboarding process. Both of them go straight to your office so that you can take on a new case.

Can you see how much attention to detail has been put into this layout? You can’t simply ‘guess’ what’s going to work and what you need to say.

You have to follow a specific formula that urges the visitor to take action. People are natural procrastinators.

This page layout breaks through that natural instinct, and generates a high quality lead who is urgently looking for a lawyer like you. Such is life that a distraught spouse could be up  at 1:00 AM when their husband or wife has come home smashed again smelling of the wrong perfume and cologne.  

 What to do when a prospect says no by clicking off your first landing page.

For many reasons, people procrastinate important decisions. If they have any reason to put off a major decision, they will.

Getting a divorce attorney is a major decision.


I have developed a secret weapon that gets you back in front of the procrastinators without annoying them. I was contemplating on whether or not I should include it in this article – it is that powerful.

Smart divorce law marketing companies and the lawyers who hire them will do the things I have mentioned in this article and they will gain huge success because of it. 

See, only 1% of lawyers actually implement the stuff I’ve been talking about and spend only 3% of projected or intended annual revenues. The other divorce lawyers spend 6-10%* of their revenues on blind marketing. 

See there is one thing you could do to surpass even them.

Just imagine being the family lawyer that has a consistent lead flow of paying customers who love and respect you. 

You just simply mimic this approach.

When a distraught spouse visits Google or is trolling the facebook account of the person they believe is enticing their spouse and searches “divorce attorney [in your city]” and they click on your ad, you know that they want and need a divorce lawyer.

Why else would they stop binge watching Hulu or watching cat videos to search for something that they have no real desire for?

They have a problem that needs solving. And Google or Facebook was their answer.

Just because the spouse doesn’t respond to the “pitch” in your ad doesn’t mean they don’t need a lawyer. It means they are procrastinating.

In the past you would have paid for that click and lost the lead forever and by the time they feel like contacting you again, they have forgotten who you are.

So here’s what you do to make sure that never happens.

Now that you know that spouse is interested in finding a divorce attorney and you know they are on the fence, you can send them something a little different.

When they visit your divorce law firm's landing page you can ‘tag’ their browser.

This allows you to place ads in front of them throughout the next few weeks.

Have you ever been followed by those annoying retargeting ads after you have visited someone’s website?

If you really didn't want the product or service, you could be annoyed, but has any of them been a helpful reminder and you finally clicked and bought?

This is like that, but instead of annoying them with ads, we’re going to smack them in the face with information that helps to alleviate the problem they are facing.

We’re going to do this by posting an article in their Facebook newsfeed.

For example:

  • I go to Google and type in “Divorce attorney Boston”.
  • I get cold feet for some reason and decide to watch cat videos on Facebook.
  • Next thing I see is a helpful article specifically speaking to the problem I have searched for in my Facebook newsfeed.

* https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-much-should-my-law-firm-spend-marketing-dustin-ruge/ 


The article they see ==>

The spouse was searching for a divorce lawyer and then this article pops up on their favorite social media website.

Would you consider this useful?

Once they click on that article they are back to your landing page or website.

When they have had enough and are ready to call a divorce law attorney, then will be thinking of you!

Ready to be the marketing star of your firm or would you like some help?

If you are still reading this, congratulations! You must be committed to growing your law firm.

This presents you with two choices:

Take what I have given you and do this by yourself. You may struggle but it will be worth it.

You allow me to take care of the entire campaign for you. 

If you have chosen the first, good luck to you. If you need help I can be consulted by the hour. Just let me know.

If you have chosen me to deploy the whole thing for you, you'll get:

Landing page templates

Funnel page templates to go from landing, to contact, or information to contact, to you.

All the changes you need to make the templates your own as I customize your campaign for you.

We work with your web site professional to make any changes that must be done to your website.

We will collect your emails and gather your current ones to run targeted email marketing campaigns to encourage the services that weren't done at the divorce judgement but need to be done before one of the divorced spouses retires with a full pension or other near future payable security comes along.

Our systems run month to month after the initial 3 month campaign. After the initial quarter, if you are getting the results you want plus too many new clients, we can suspend or delete it altogether. 

Maintenance: Attention to your business campaign week to week is absolutely necessary to insure your ads are on target, keywords, web content, and contact information database are kept updated updated. 

Our firm provides these services for $2400/month plus your ad spend. The first three months are minimum.  This is for one city. $1000/month for each additional.

Since you have been a trooper and read this whole article, we have a special one-time introductory price for first three months for $5000. 

This is a limited time offer and do not guarantee it's available if we are working on a competitor of yours in your city. Yes if that happens. We work for you in another city.

When the setup on our end is completed, you will have a fully trackable campaign with reporting that will cost you zero by the 4th to 6th month. It's not going to be free but campaigns such as these pay for themselves out of the ROI.

Can you see your divorce law firm never having to worry about where the next client is coming from?

Perhaps one day, when you want to sell your law firm, you would be able to retire much sooner than you expected since it is such a well-oiled client generating machine. 

Feel free to call me anytime: 603-860-3331

Thank you for reading,

William J Ritchotte II

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