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What is Keeping you up at Night?

Bringing in new clients?

Today, so much is being pushed through social media that people have the idea that someone will see their divorce law firm if they just blast it out there but what is blasted is about the firm, not the distraught spouse. We build your divorce law marketing campaign to work better than all the others looking for attention the wrong way. I tell you in detail how to bring in the paying cases you want in this article.

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Onboarding & paperwork?

With every major decision like divorce, there is probably an hour or two you must spend initially informing the spouse and having them fill out paperwork. Regardless of divorce law firm size, save the trouble by having an onboarding system. You will video capture your initial lecture you give all clients. This ensures you deliver what the spouse needs to know without interruptions and deliver all necessary paperwork via interactive PDF or webforms so the new clients info is completely setup in your system. Divorce lawyer marketing is more than lines of clients. It's what to do with them after it forms.

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Client payments?

What if you could bind a client to a contract online?

With an Onboarding system, you can set up automatic payments that would start from day one. I know that clients refusing to pay bills is one of the biggest headaches out there for divorce law firms. 

Why not allow the spouse to make a reasonable down payment plus agree to monthly payments based on your average fee/12. Since most divorces are a process of 6 to 12 month or more, when it comes time to pay the balance, a good chunk or more is already in your account. Divorce lawyer marketing and more. Call Bill to know more!

Want to manage your current divorce client data better? Seek Additional Opportunities?

Today, data is gushing out of every smartphone, tablet, email server, wearable tech device & tracking systems from government to commerce like an oil gusher blowing out from under the ground.  

What part is yours? What by-products can you produce? From crude data to valuable information how will you manage to track and inform your current clients of important milestones. Divorce law marketing/ divorce lawyer marketing and more.


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